13 Amazing Amla Benefits and Uses (Losing Weight, Glowing Skin)

13 Amazing Amla Benefits and Uses (Losing Weight, Glowing Skin)

amlaAmla is basically a fruit which is commonly used in India and many other countries. You can also call Amla as a super fruit, due to the benefits which we get from it. Amla has been used for many years in Ayurveda as medicines. Consuming Amla provides your body lots of benefits and helps you staying fit and healthy. Amla has been known curing and preventing diseases. Consuming amla prevents risk of cancer. It also contains natural anti-aging supplements.

Amla is sour in taste. It contains vitamin C in it, which helps in improving your eyesight and also gives you many other benefits. Amla has the highest content of anti-oxidants compared to any other fruits or vegetables.

In India amla is consumed raw, it is also used as an ingredient in various food dishes. Amla pickle is also made. Which is really very tasty to eat.

So now, we are going to tell you some of the many benefits. Which you can get by consuming Amla. And how to consume and use Amla for getting its benefits.

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Amla Benefits in losing weight.

amla for losing weight

Today most of the people in the world are facing excessive fat problems. Which is a serious issue and you need to treated. Due to higher weight a human body can suffer from various problems and diseases. But due to busy lifestyles of today’s generation people are getting less time for workout and maintaining a healthy diet.

But, consuming Amla juice can help you much better in staying fit as well getting proper nutrients for your body.

Workout is necessary for you to stay fit. But also, you have to maintain a healthy diet.

Drinking Amla juice every day will naturally helps you in losing weight. To see proper and good results, we recommend to continue drinking Amla juice for at least 2 months. And also try to take some time from your busy schedule for Body workout. Consuming this juice with proper workouts will help you get results faster and visible.

How to Prepare Amla Juice.

  1. Make Amla Juice at your Home (Very Easy)
  2. Buy It from Market.

So, making amla juice is very easy as making tea and coffee. (Not much Cooking Skills Require)

Take ½ kg of Amla and remove seeds from it. Now cut it down in to small pieces. Then You can use a Grinder or Juicer and grind these chopped pieces of amla for few minutes until its properly grind. Now you can use a Clean cloth to strain it in a glass. You would need to apply pressure to take out more juice.

So, now you are now ready to consume it. You can cool it down for a few minutes, or you can add some ice cubes in it which will increase taste. It can also be consumed with honey which is also more beneficial and it will taste much better.

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Amla Has Anti-Aging Properties, Glowing Skin.

amla helps skin glow

The one of the natural ways to look young and beautiful is by consuming amla. As amla has more anti-oxidants than any other fruit or vegetable. Amla contains natural anti-aging properties in it. Also it helps to keep your Skin Glowing.

So, if you start consuming amla on a daily basis. Whether you are drinking amla juice or you are consuming amla directly you can get this benefit.

So, to Look Younger and beautiful one can consume Amla Fruit or Amla Juice.


Amla is also good for Oral health

If you consume amla juice on a daily basis. Then, it will help you getting rid of bad breath and also it makes your teeth stronger.

Also, if you are suffering from mouth ulcers. you can gargle with neem juice with a mixture of Luke warm water. Which will help in relieving from ulcers.

Stops Greying Of hairs, Prevents Baldness.

amla prevents greying of hair and baldness

Now we have seen that many of us suffer from hair problems in younger ages. Which is Premature Greying of hairs, Hair Loss, and many other different hair problems.

So, to be safe from premature Greying of hairs. You can apply amla oil to your scalp on regular basis. Which will prevent them from greying. And helps your hair to retain its natural color.

Apart from preventing Greying of hairs. Amla also supports your hair growth and strengthens them. Which prevents hair loss and split hairs. So amla is one of the best solutions to get rid of your hair problems. You would also like to know that there are many hair products in the market which contains amla.

So, to prevent Baldness, retaining original color of your hairs and to get a stronger hair one can apply amla oil to their hairs. Or you can use hair oils containing amla in it of well recognized brands.

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Amla Helps in improving your valuable eyesight’s

As we know Amla contains a very high amount of nutrients including Vitamin “C” which is most important for a stronger eyesight.

Prevents Cataract.

Drinking Amla juice on a daily basis will help you improve your eye sight. Amla also helps in preventing cataracts.

So, if you are suffering from a stress eyes or you want to make your eyes stronger. You should consume amla juice on a daily basis. To prevent and cure eye stress.

Consuming Amla Boosts Immunity.

Amla is highly enriched with vitamins and anti-oxidants. Which are beneficial to a human body health in many ways. It will also helps in boosting your body immunity.

Amla Juice IS Good for Digestive System

amla is good for digestive system

Consuming Amla juice on a Daily Basis. Will help you to maintain a Healthy digestive system.

Amla Juice for Glowing of Skin and removing dead cells.

As amla is beneficial for almost every part of our body. The another benefits that amla provides is makes your skin glow. The amla contains Vitamin “C” in it which is not only eyes but also for your skin.

Consuming amla juice on a regular basis makes your skin glow by purifying blood and removing dead cells from the skin. Which will make your skin glow and make you look younger and more beautiful.

You can also apply amla juices on your skin or face. which is also helps you to get a beautiful glowing skin.

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Amla Helps in fighting Heart Disease.

Nowadays many people suffer from various heart diseases which occur due to high level cholesterol in blood. Bad cholesterol can cause you such problems, but consuming amla or amla juice will help you in reducing bad cholesterol in blood and helps in increasing good cholesterol in your blood. Thus, it prevents heart disease which occur due to high cholesterol in your blood. So drinking amla juice helps in reducing bad cholesterol from blood.

Which helps in preventing heart disease. And helps you in staying fit and live a healthy lifestyle.

Helps in Controlling Diabetes (Reduces High Blood Sugar)

Diabetes is one of the serious problems in today’s world. Many people are affected by it due to high sugar level in their blood. But there is a natural way to overcome diabetes as it controls high sugar level in blood.

Do you know Amla is known for controlling high sugar levels in blood. Amla is natural and safe remedy for controlling diabetes.  Amla is used in many Ayurveda medicines from many years.

So, if you are suffering from diabetes, you can start consuming or drinking amla juice on a daily basis. And it will definitely help you in controlling high sugar levels.

Amla Purifies Blood.

Consuming Amla Has many benefits. And it is also known for purifying blood in your body. As we know it has highest amount of anti-oxidants more than any other fruits or vegetables.

Consuming it will not only purify blood but it will also help in increasing red blood cell and hemoglobin count in blood. Consume amla juice on a daily basis so you can get all this benefit.

Consuming Amla Boosts Immunity.

Amla is highly enriched with vitamins and anti-oxidants. Which are beneficial to a human body health in many ways. It will also helps in boosting your body immunity.

Amla For Constipation.

Amla is beneficial if you are suffering from constipation problem. It is also a natural remedy which will help you getting relieve from constipation problem.

How to consume amla for getting relief from constipation.

You can consume amla powder with little warm water every night before going to bed. Which will definitely help you in preventing constipation.


It Prevents Cancer.

Do you know amla also helps in preventing cancer. Which is one of the best advantages you can get from amla. As amla is enriched with anti-oxidants. Which helps in preventing cancer.

Cools down your Body.

Consuming amla juice can helps you remove excess heat from your body. Amla is enriched with vitamin “C”. which is a cooling agent.

We recommend you to take amla juice in summer season. As it will help you to feel much better during summer season.

The information provided above is well researched and provided in good faith. But we always recommend you to take your doctoral advice first before using any of the products or medicines.

If you have any suggestions or queries regarding this post you can comment down below in the comment section. Or you can also contact us using the contact section of the website. And if you have any special request for us to write a specific post do let us know in the comment section. We’ll be back with such blogs.












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