How To Play GTA5 In Android

How To Play GTA5 In Android

How To Play Gta5 In Android Smartphones –First off all thanks for landing on this article, So you are here and searching that how you can play Gta5 in your Android smartphones or Android Devices. So I must  tell you that you are on the right place and today we will help you. By following this method you will be able to play Gta5 And all your  Favorite  Games on Your Android Devices.

Gta5 Is one of the best games  available in the market which was developed by Rockstar. Gta5 is an action adventure game which is available for Play station , Xbox one, and Pc this game has one of the best story, best gameplay and it also offers online multiplayer which is just awesome .

There are lots of videos on the internet which tells you how you can install gta5 on your devices but in reality you cannot install gta5 on your android devices. You can only stream gta5 and other games to your android devices. So We Will tell You a Streaming  Method  by which you will be able to stream gta5 to your android devices.

Please Note : By Following this method you will be able to play gta5 and other pc games on your android devices you will be able to stream Gta5 and other games directly to your android devices. You Will not  install any game on your android devices. The games that you want to play must be installed on your pc/computer in order to stream to your android devices.

You Will Need :

  1. Android Device
  2. Pc/laptop/computer with the Gta5 Or other Games installed on it.
  3. Download remotr application on your android device from here as well as computer from here
  4. An active Internet Connection ( make sure your pc and android device are connected on the same network)

After you have installed remoter on your both devices on your computer open remotr and go  to create an account and create your account with you email id after you have created an account then  application will automatically setup  and will scan for installed games if it fails to automatically add games then Go to add a games and add your games which are installed on you computer.

Now open remotr on your android device and make sure you are connected to the same wifi network on which your computer is connected and then click on sign in and sign in with the account using the email id that you have created using your pc or computer

Then Open remotr on your pc as well as android smartphones in android smartphone it will show a option your pc name with locally discovered streamer click on that and now you are good to go now your computer and android device will be connected to each other and now there will be a list of games shown to your android devices that are installed on your pc/computer click them and they will load on your android device as well as pc/computer and now you can play Gta5 On your smart phones . there will be automatically loaded controls which you can customize according to you.



So Using Remotr you will be able to play Gta5 and all your favorite Pc games titles to your android Devices.

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