How to simplify your life in just 5 seconds!


Most of you might be thinking how can a person solve their problems, get rid of stress, or encourage themselves to do work in just 5 seconds! Trust me it is possible. In this blog I am going to explain you how you can simplify your life in just 5 seconds. And even let you know what I think and how I use it in my daily life. So let’s start!

Mel robbins– 5 second rule

First of all let me explain you who mel robbins is! Mel robbins is a American television host, a motivational speaker and an amazing author. Her full name is Melanie robbins. You can find her motivational speech video on youtube on TEDx talk which has inspired so many people all around the world including me. So let’s start with what the rule is all about and I’ll even tell you about what is in the book and why you should read it.

The 5 second rule

Mel robbins the author of the book “5 second rule” wrote about her life and the problems she was facing. She always thought that she’d never come out of that vicious circle of laziness, doubting her own self or being a bad mother. But then she discovered this “5second rule” and now her life is completely changed. So let’s begin with what she was struggling with.

The struggle

Mel robbins was struggling with which each one of us struggle with that is “LAZINESS”. Not only laziness but with most of the things in her life like she was feeling de-motivated and thought she could never ever get rid of her problems. Even her husband Chris was struggling with her having a restaurant he was financially unstable. And mel had a bad habit of drinking ‘Too much drinking’ And if you imagine this situation it was really tough. Mel had fights/grudges with her husband and that made the situation worse. She couldn’t understand what to do. And her biggest struggle was to get up in the morning, Yes we all struggle with this right? So let’s now focus on how she discovered the rule and what actually it is.

How she discovered the 5 second rule and what actually it is!

One night before turning off the TV mel saw a countdown on the television. A countdown before the rocket launch. It was something like “Rocket launches in 5-4-3-2-1” and the rocket launched. Mel saw everything and thought of doing this with herself too. Before going to sleep she made her mind to get up with the countdown 5-4-3-2-1 and launching herself out of the bed. Sounds stupid? She thought the same, She thought it was just a stupid  idea to do it. But still she tried it. And trust me it worked for her. Before hitting the snooze button she got up by counting in her mind 5-4-3-2-1. And countinuing this she did the countdown in all her daily life. And see it all worked for her she is such an amazing author host, and of course the best motivational speaker. Yes this is what the 5 second rule is all about  Now read carefully ahead I am going to mention most important points of the book. Take it as a glance of the book.

About the book!

The book “5second rule” is all about the countdown and experiences of people after using the rule. Now let me explain you everything with one-one point! So 5-4-3-2-1 let’s go


According to the book “Hesitation is the main problem in human’s life. Hesitation is a killer. It is coming to kill you, to kill your ambition, to kill your success, Remember that. So whenever you feel like you can’t complete a task you’re hesitating it’s time to push yourself. Push yourself away from hesitation and getting back to your work. Also there are certain examples in the book which will leave you stunned. There are many people who shared their experieces with mel robbins. One of them is there was a man who was afraid to talk to his boss, Who wasn’t confident enough to go and talk to his boss. One day he saw mel robbins TEDx talk video and he got so inspired that he actually walked in his boss’s cabin talked about what he wanted and you know what happened he actually got his salary increased. He thanked mel robbins for such an amazing idea of pushing ourselves towards success. And even it’s not always that you are going to get only good with the help of countdown you can even get the bad but that’s totally alright because there’s no success without failure and after reading this book(from my perspective) you have to be practical, after reading the book and applying the same in your life will make a change wheather good or bad but it’s a change and change is always good wheather you like it or not. And not only about jobs there are also examples of people who wanted a relationship but hesitation destroyed everything. It’s a story of a man who got divorced with his wife and was living with is two kids and then one night when he was coming back from his work he saw a girl standing near a bar. It was like love at first sight for him. And then he thought of going to the girl and talking to her about how he feels for her. But then comes hesitation. He started thinking “will the girl accept a man with 2 kids” and because of that fear he didn’t  took any actions and even now he regrets that why he didn’t open up and just talk to that girl. This is what hesitation does with us. It kills happiness from our lives. Mel robbins has explained it in detail in her book so this is one reason why you should read the book. Now let’s go to another one.


Courage to start, Courage to succeed says mel robbins. Yes you need courage to do things in your life. There are times when you feel low, Things get difficult and scary but coming out of all those things and achieving success that’s what makes you courageous. The 5 second rule teaches you the concept of courage. Now let’s focus on how courage relates with the 5 second rule. The 5 second rule is very useful it has even save lives. One of the story is from a drug addict who was so much addicted to drugs that it costed him his whole life. Doctors told him that if he won’t stop now he will definitely die very soon. And one day he got to know about the 5 second rule and how it works. He literally used the rule to stop himself from taking drugs. And soon he started recovering and he didn’t die but living a happy life. The rule is also called as 5 seconds of courage. This rule seriously boosts our courage and makes everything happen. What you exactly do you know? You push yourself to do the work. You tell yourself that no matter what you have to do it. It is also called as the “power of push” Whenever you do an important work you think, But sometimes you ‘Overthink’. The 5 Second rule gives you the ability to push yourself so fast that you don’t have time to ‘Overthink’ and mess up things it’s just quick and easy. But that doesn’t mean you’ll do everything without even thinking just be calm and 5-4-3-2-1.


The worst thing we do with ourselves “self-doubt” According to the book you should first love yourself and believe in yourself. In this world what matters is your happiness and especially ‘YOU’. If you feel that the work is scary or uncertain do it first. ‘STAND UP, SPEAK UP, SHOW UP’ You were born with courage, So there is no point in doubting yourself. When you start doubting yourself your inner feeling scream ‘NO DON’T DO THIS’ That’s the push moment, Tell your inner self that you can do it there’s no such thing as IMPOSSIBLE! Rather than that be IMPAUSIBLE. Don’t let people or society distract you or even don’t let them destroy you. ‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take’ Best line from the book. Don’t hesitate if you hesitate today you’ll regret tomorrow.


First of all Never listen to your fears. The fear of not being good, feeling like a loser. Don’t let your fears pull you down. If you fear doing something ask yourself ‘What if your fear is wrong?’ What if that one step you take changes your whole life? So just go for what you want, What makes you happy that matters. If we talk about relationships now-a-days people think that they suck and the person whom they love won’t accept them. So what if they don’t accept you, take it as they don’t deserve you. Just tell them how you feel about them. The most relevant thing in the world is you. In the book it is mentioned as that “Worry drag you in the parade of worries” Which is really relatable and correct. Don’t let this happen. The real power is within you. Don’t let worries/fear control your mind. According to the book waiting for the right time is the most idiotic thing. Because right time is just an excuse that you don’t want to do it. Always remember there is ‘NO SECOND CHANCE’ So go for it. You make excuses to protect yourself from rejections, But the most important thing you don’t understand is these rejections are going to push you forward. Never limit your abilities. The worst thing is regretting later. Waiting, Thinking, and almost doing it doesn’t make any sense. You should use the rule, This is a game changing rule or even you can call it as Life changing rule. You never know you’re just one decision away from a very different life. If you want to win any challenge in life you have to start first right?

                TRUE STORY


If you want to win you’ve to start, have patience, and work for what you want. You might be even thinking that you’ve used the rule but the person you love didn’t accept the proposal. Remember, you might not get the girl but you can get way cooler things then that with the power of you. You’ve two choice Do nothing or else be yourself and conquer the world with the power of you.


You feel, before you think. Exactly! Human’s make most of the decisions on how they feel about the thing. You cannot control how you feel but you can definitely control how you act. Like for example ‘Self-doubt’ is a feeling you should not let yourself down because of this. Just distract yourself with the help of the countdown.


Either you run the day or the day runs you!


It takes courage to share your ideas to the world. Be the boss of your day! According to mel robbins you should set a deadline for yourself. For doing your work on time. Use the rule to get back on the track of your life. You know you’re only one holding yourself back, Don’t let that happen. It doesn’t matter you win or lose atleast you did something you took the risk and later on you’ll definitely be a winner. There are two types of behavior GOOD and BAD. According to the book Good behavior means getting things done. And bad behavior means avoiding what you want to do. So go with the GOOD to have a successful life. In your life you’ll find a way of an excuse to avoid important things.


Most of us have a psychological disease named “stage fear”. In the book the author has shared her experience how she suffered and got out of it. We are never born with confidence we have to build it. It is a skill which is built. Don’t waste your energy worrying instead be confident and live in the moment. Life isn’t perfect! So don’t let worrying or fear take away your happy moments. It is beautifully explained in the book that you should not trap yourself in vicious cycle of “what-if”. Instead turn your nervousness into excitement.


If you have negative thought during your work immediately start the countdown and replace negative thoughts with positive once.

There’s always one person in your life who doesn’t know your worth don’t let it be you! –mel robbins

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek! You’re going to definitely suffer if you having issues with your own self. First you should figure out who you really are and who you really want to be in your life. If you’re on the stage SPEAK! SPEAK even if your voice shakes. And before you participate in any event talk to yourself are you ready for that and if you are THEN 5-4-3-2-1 go for it. And if you want a person to love you, leave noting important unsaid. Silence and lack of action is the major problem, Don’t let it harm you in any way. And this how you can simplify your life in just 5 seconds isn’t this cool?

So this was my explanation of the book “5 SECOND RULE” And also told you what it meant to me from my perspective. If you have any issues or questions related to the blog tell us in the comment section we’ll answer or solve you problem Also read our other posts


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