Neem Benefits, Weight Lose, Uses And Side-Effects.

Neem Benefits, Weight Lose, Uses And Side-Effects.


Neem Helps in Boosting your Immunity System, Purifies Blood

Consuming Neem provides several benefits to the human body. It helps in detoxing your body, it also enhances the circulation of blood flow in the body. You should consume neem on a daily basis to get good results. You can drink neem tea in the morning, or you can also take neem capsules of well known brands.

Preparing Neem Tea.

Preparing neem tea is more easy than preparing a tea or a coffee. To prepare neem tea you will require some neem leaves, honey(adds Flavor) and water. So first off all boil some water in a fresh pan for around 10 to 12 minutes, then put some neem leaves in the cup then pour boiled water in the cup. And wait for around 4 to 5 minutes so that neem can be properly mixed with the boiled water. Now you can add some honey in it which is also beneficial in many ways and which also add some flavors to the tea.

Neem is beneficial for Digestive Problems.

neem for digestive system

Neem can make your Digestive System stronger and gives you relief from various Digestive problems. It has been also used as an medicines in ayurveda from thousands of years. Many ayurvedic medicines are prepared with the help of Neem for Digestive System. As i mentioned before Neem has antibacterial properties. So if you are consuming neem leaves it can eliminate harmful bacteria from digestive system and makes it stronger.

Chewing Neem leaves can be bitter. But they are very beneficial for your health in many ways. To prevent digestive problems one can chew 2 or 3 neem leaves.

Neem also helps in removing Dandruff from your hair

Neems not only helps to improve your internal system. But it is also beneficial for you hairs in many ways. Neem supports your hair growth and also nourishes your hair. And it helps in getting rid of dandruff.

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How to use neem for removing dandruff.

You can use neem in many ways to get rid of dandruff. And also to nourish your hairs.

Neem oil – You can apply neem oil to your hairs. To prepare neem oil take some leaves of neem and coconut oil. Then put coconut oil and neem leaves in a pan. Then start boiling them for few minutes and that’s it your neem oil is ready for use. Apply this neem oil in your hairs and wait for few hours, or it is best to apply it in the night and go to sleep. And wash it in the morning. Applying this oil for few weeks can help you get rid of dandruff.

You can also buy neem oils from the online stores or market.

One of the best Mosquito Repellent

Did you know neem also protects you from mosquitoes. Neem oil is one of the best mosquito repellent. There are various methods to use neem as an mosquito repellent. You can use neem oil as i said mix it with the coconut oil and apply to your skin and you are good to go.

Using neem with camphor.

You can take some pieces of camphor and pour a few drops of neem oil on it and burn them. But see to that you burn it in a small quantity and a safe place. While using this remedy see to that there are no childrens or adults present in that room. Keep that room closed for few minutes and you will get a better result.


DIY Mosquito Repellent Liquid

You can also use neem oil and camphor to make mosquito repellent liquid for your Mosquito repellent machines. Take neem oil and camphor and mix them until the camphor is fully dissolved in neem oil. Now take an empty mosquito repellant bottle and open it wisely and fill it with this mixture and close it wisely. Now you can use this in your mosquito repellent machine.

Neem Helps In Controlling Diabetes

Neem helps in maintaining sugar levels in your blood. Which helps in controlling diabetes and keeps you stay fit and healthy. You can take some neem leaves and boil it with water for around 10 minutes. And you can use a strainer or a clean cloth to strain this liquid. You can consume it on a daily basis if you are suffering from diabetes. As it will gradually helps your body to reduce high sugar levels in blood and maintaining it. And it will help in controlling your Diabetes.

Beneficial for Oral Health(Strong Gums and Whiter Teeths)

Did you know neem sticks are used as toothbrush. Chewing neem sticks supports your teeths and gums in many ways. It helps in preventing cavities, as neem has antibacterial properties it reduces the bacteria that are main reasons for causing cavities. Using neem sticks or neem toothpaste helps in preventing various gum disease

You can also chew raw neem leaves for fresh breath. Chewing raw neem also makes your teeth whiter.

Beneficial for Skin (Treating wounds, Reducing Scars, Prevents Skin Infections)

Neem is also beneficial for you skin in many ways. Neem has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Which helps to prevents your skins from various infections.

If you have any scars on your body you can apply neem oil to that area of skin. The result is not very fast but applying it on a daily basis will gradually reduce the scar.

You can also apply neem paste to your wounds as it also has antiseptic properties. Neem is beneficial to heal your wounds. If you are getting irritated by the mosquitoes bites you apply apply neem paste on that. which helps in reducing the itchiness and will make you comfortable.


Neem Beneficial For Eyes.

If you are suffering from eye problems like itching, redness or due to some dust in your eyes. You can use neem water to clean your eyes. You can take some neem leaves and water and boil it for around 5 to 7 minutes. Then let it cool down completely. Do not wash your eyes with hot neem water. Once water is cooled down, you can wash your eyes with that. And it will provide some relief to your eyes.

Please Note- It is better to visit your doctor if you are facing some eye problems as this is not a professional or doctoral advice.


Most of the people ask the question that is neem harmful to humans? Neem is harmful for aquatic animals, it’s actually moderately harmful for fishes. And it is not harmful for human beings. Until it has been taken in a large quantity.

It is said that neem is harmful when it is taken in a large quantity, it can harm your liver or kidneys. Intake of neem is safe for most of the adults but it is unsafe for small children. It can lead to coma, brain disorders, blood disorders, vomiting and even death if it is taken in a large quantity by the child. And therefore I suggest you not to give neem to your child.

Do you know it even effects a pregnant women, Neem bark as well as oil is not at all safe for a pregnant women because it can lead to miscarriage. Therefore it should be strictly prohibited for a pregnant women.

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Avoid Neem If You Are Suffering From These Diseases

There are several diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis also know as RA and many other diseases. You should avoid taking neem if you are suffering from these. If you consume neem in these situations your immune system becomes more active and this increases the systems of auto immune disease.

It effects your ability to have kids, Yes it effects your sperms. It may also reduce fertility in several other ways. So if you are thinking of becoming a parent kindly do not use neem.

Other Side-Effects

Neem even effects in diabetes. YES, If you are a diabetes patient and if you use neem  it can lower your blood sugar levels. It can harm you. Therefore if you want to use neem you have to properly concentrate on how to consume the diabetes medicines and neem, meaning balancing both the things.

Have you ever been through a surgery? As I mentioned above it affects your blood sugar levels. So if you are planning to have a surgery you should stop using neem almost 2 weeks before the surgery.

There are reports and researches which say that neem reduces the effects of the medicines which the used while organ transplant. So you should avoid the consumption of neem if you are going to have a organ transplant or you had an organ transplant.

There are certain ways that how you should consume neem. There are different kind of neem products like tablets, capsules etc are available in the market. But before using any of it do consult your physician or you can say doctor first. And also see that you are not over using it. As I told you before overdose of neem can harm you. So be careful if you use neem. If you see neem has many useful properties, But it can even effect you in bad ways.

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More About Neem


Now what is neem, neem is a plant also known as nimtree or Indian lilac. Its scientific name is azadirachta indica. It belongs to the mahogany family meliaceae. Neem is one of the two species in the genus azadirachta. It is also related to the Indian subcontinent i.e Pakistan, Nepal, srilanka, and maldives.

Now let me tell you the structure of neem. Neem is a umbrella shaped leaf, with several health benefits. It grows almost 50 feet tall. It’s leaf have blade edges. There are two types of leaves in neem. One is serrated and other is unserrated. The serrated leaves have teeth. These tooth on leaves help us recognize, when we compare there shape and size. Let’s talk about unserrated leaves. These leaves does not have teeth, so they are called smooth leaves. Neem takes a long period of time to grow. It takes all most 10 years of time to fully grow. It starts bearing fruits between 3 to 5 years.


As I told you before they are grown in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri lanka and Maldives. It is grown in semi-tropical and tropical regions. If we see in India it is grown  in uttar Pradesh, west Bengal, Orissa, delhi, maharastra, Gujarat, tamil nadu, bihar, Andhra Pradesh.


Now talking about it’s flowers, they are pale yellow or else white. It is small and scented therefore the bees are attracted to it. Now moving towards it’s timber, It’s timber is heavy varying from 0.56 to 0.85,  When it is cut freshly and also it as a strong smell.


All the information Provided here are well researched. There are several side-Effects of Neem. Which we have mentioned in the post. We recommend you to take your Doctor’s advice Before using Neem and its products. As this is not any doctoral ADVICE

If you have any suggestions or queries regarding this post you can comment down below in the comment section. Or you can also contact us using the contact section of the website. And if you have any special request for us to write a specific post do let us know in the comment section. We’ll be back with such blogs.






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