PR in Canada – Methods

How can i get PR(Permanent Residence) in Canada? Well this is the most asked question by international students who are planning to go in Canada for their higher studies. If you want to know about PR in Canada and how you can get it. You can go through this guide.

PR in Canada
PR in Canada

PR and Citizenship in Canada.

First off all let me clear that PR is Permanent Resident and not the citizen PR card allows you to stay permanently in Canada by following several rules and procedures. A permanent resident enjoys most of the benefits as same as an Canadian citizen like availing free basic medical and education facilities. After securing your PR card you can apply for Canadian citizenship.

About Canada

Canada is the second largest country in the world and is situated in the northern part of the north has 10 provinces and 3 territories. The population of canada is 3.67 crores. Being the second largest country the population of canada is very low in compare to USA and UK. ottawa is the capital city of canada and toronto is the largest city their.And more than 75% of the population live in urban cities. Different parts of the canada has different climatic conditions some parts of the canada are very cold.

Canada is one of the best country to live.

Benefits of PR in canada.

High standard of living.

A permanent resident enjoys many same rights as of canadian citizens

Enjoy medical and education facilities available in Canada

Higher earning per hour in Canadian dollars.

You can stay there and work anywhere in the country..

Some Extras That Might Be Useful.

A permanent resident cannot participate in any elections nor he/she can vote.

Best ways to get PR for students

Canada has very good policies for international students who are willing to stay there and work. As a student you can go their for your studies. If you get enrolled for 1 year of education you are liable to get 1 year work visa on which you can work as full time. Whereas if you perceive 2 years of education it can be diploma or masters depending upon your field you get a 3 years of work visa. The Education system of Canada is very good and recognized in many countries around the world. After working there credit points are calculated on various factors and that you can follow procedure for getting PR in Canada which means that you can live there permanently and work there

Note – If you are planning to go for your further studies there are many requirements Such as your academic scores. IELTS is one the best option for international students willing to study in Canada. The requirements of IELTS scores depends on your program that you would select.


IELTS( International English language testing system) is an exam which is given by millions of students and peoples per year. Who are planning to go for their higher studies or enrolling in immigration programs. The IELTS is jointly owned by IDP and British Council.

The test is divided into four parts i.e. Listening, Reading Writing and Speaking. The test is also divided into two parts academic training and general training. Each test consist of 0 to 9 bands. This is not a fail or pass test. The score is given on your English language skills from 0 to 9.

There are many best immigration and overseas education consultants. You can contact them and check your eligibility for PR in canada and they will guide you through the process.

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