Top 10 Gaming Keyboards To Buy Under Rs.1500

Top 10 Gaming Keyboard To Buy Under Rs.1500

First of all thanks for landing on this article, So are you a gamer or have you just started playing games on computer and you need a better gaming keyboard to matchup you skills. Then I must say that you are on the right place, we have created a list of Top 10 Gaming Keyboards To Buy Under Rs.1500. So that you can find a best Budget gaming keyboards according to your need.

  1. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-02 Corona Wired Gaming Keyboard (RS.1199)

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-02 Corona Wired Gaming Keyboard is one of the best budget gaming keyboards to buy under Rs.1500 it has a cool RGB backlit with 7 colors it has a 4 levels of brightness adjustments and has 9 backlight effects. This keyboard has 19 anti-ghosting keys and all the keys are scratch resistant the keyboard can be easily cleaned this gaming keyboard has a key life of up to 10 million keystrokes overall it’s a good gaming keyboard with rgb lights.

  1. Redgear Blaze 3 Gaming keyboard (Rs.999)


Redgear Blaze 3 is another great choice if you are looking for gaming keyboard it has an aluminum body structure which is very durable red gear blaze 3 has floating keycaps which feels like you are using an mechanical gaming keyboard it has 3 color led backlight which can be changed according to you this keyboard is best for gaming whether you are playing fps games or rpg games this keyboard will provide you great experience keyboard is light in weight one can carry it in gaming tournaments this is one of the budget gaming keyboard

  1. Night Hawk NK101 FPS Keyboard (RS.1099)

Night Hawk NK101 FPS Gaming Keyboard is specially designed for gamers Night Hawk will give you speed and very fast response this keyboard is best for fps games like CS:GO, Dota 2 this keyboard has a metallic body and its durable night hawk has a 3 color led light which really looks very cool and satisfying. Night Hawk keyboard is ergonomically designed so that no matter how much you spend your time on gaming you will be always comfortable. This keyboard is also a good option in this price range.

  1. Dragon War Desert Eagle GK-001 Gaming keyboard (RS.899)

Dragon War Desert Eagle Another good option to consider this keyboard is available at a very low price For just rs.899. This keyboard has multimedia keys and function keys it has a gold plated USB Connector The Dragon War Desert Eagle Comes With Own Gaming Mat the keyboard is water resistant so that you don’t need to worry if Some waters falls on it by mistake. Overall this a good gaming keyboard and fits in the budget.

  1. Cosmic Byte Dark Matter Gaming Keyboard And Mouse (RS.1299)

This Keyboard Comes with the mouse you cant buy only keyboard you need to purchase combo of both keyboard and mouse, cosmic byte dark matter keyboard is ergonomically designed for your hands and keep you comfortable for a long time this keyboard has 3 color led backlit it’s a high quality membrane keyboard with 19 /anti-ghosting keys this combo of keyboard and mouse is only supported to windows and does not support linux or mac.

  1. Amkette X-cite Pro Usb  (RS.459)

Amkette X-cite Pro is one of the best budget keyboard which is good for standard gaming and for regular uses the price of this keyboard is comparatively very low if you are on a low budget you can choose this keyboard it an spill resistant keyboard it is noiseless and provides smooth keystroke for supreme and quiet typing experience it has UV coated keys to prevent letters from fading away.

  1. Havit Hv-KB414L (RS.1200)

Havit Gaming Keyboard is a multifunctional membrane gaming keyboard it is designed like mechanical keyboards and has a cool Lighting effects using this keyboard provides you a mechanical keyboard feel this keyboard is suitable for heavy gamers who spend long time on playing games. Hope You like our List Of : Top 10 Gaming Keyboards To Buy Under Rs.1500 check out full list to find a suitable gaming keyboard for you.

  1. Cosmic Byte Vulcanoid  (RS.599)

Cosmic Byte Vulcanoid is a membrane gaming keyboard good for gaming and standard work it has a 12 multimedia keys for music, email, sound, calculator and many more. This keyboard has a smooth texture coating which provides you a better and premium grip and smoother typing experience this keyboard has a spill proof design so you don’t have to worry if water of coffee accidentally fells on the keyboard it has an outlet for liquids to get drain easily.

  1. Night Hawk Nk 102 FP (RS.999)

gaming keyboard

Night Hawk NK102 FPS Gaming Keyboard is another best budget gaming keyboard to buy it’s a membrane gaming keyboard and has an metallic design it also has 3 color LED backlight this keyboard is good for long time gaming and has a special ergonomic design which provides you comfort overall this keyboard is one of the best budget gaming keyboard.

  1. Live tech KB03  (RS.1140)

Live Tech KB03 is one of the comfortable keyboard  the keyboard is designed to make you feel like you are using an mechanical keyboard it has raised keys for smooth gaming and typing experience the keyboard is designed ergonomically and comes with attached palm pad which really provides relief to your hands


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