Top 10 Gaming Mouse To Buy Under Rs. 500

Top 10 Gaming Mouse To Buy Under Rs. 500. – – Thanks for landing on this article. Are you searching for Gaming Mouse To Buy Under Rs. 500, If Yes then you are on the right place . So So to help you out we have provided a list of Top 10 Gaming Mouse To Buy Under Rs. 500

  1. Dragon War – Emera ELE –G11 (RS. 424)


Dragon War – Emera ELE –G11 is one the best  budget  gaming mouse it will provide you immersive gaming experience as well as gives you excellent control and accuracy. It is equipped with Blue Sensor technology with four selectable DPI settings  800, 1200, 2000 and 3200, this mouse provide an exceptional gaming experience. It is ergonomically designed to give you extra comfort and reduce the strain on your hands. It has 6 Control button which gives you flexibility to use them during different situations in the game

  1. Havit HV-MS736 (Rs.390)


Havit HV-MS736 is another good option to buy it has 3 DPI setting 800/1000/1200. It has a colorful LED lights and keeps on changing which looks really cool. It provides you a awesome gaming experience by its performance and looks DPI settings can be adjusted according to you needs it has a 1.5m Cable length.

Overall you can consider to buy this mouse because of its price,looks and performance

  1. Havit S-10 Mouse( Rs.385)

Havit S-10 Gaming Mouse is one of the best  budget gaming mouse that is available under  Rs.500. it is easy to use just plug and play users can freely switch between standard mode and multimedia mode. Havit S-10 Gaming Mouse offers you 4 Adjustable DPI setting  800/1200/1600/2400. This mouse has 4 Different color lights (red/blue/pink/purple) which provides a smoothing and calming environment its has a Ergonomic Hand Feeling which effectively Reduces the fatigue of long using. This mouse is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/Windows 7/ Windows 8/Windows 10/MAC/LINUX.Buying this mouse would be of great value if you are a Gamer.

  1. Dragon War – Emera 3200dpi Gaming Mouse (Rs.499)

Dragon War Emera is another great budget gaming mouse from dragon war it is one of the  best gaming mouse it has 8 programmable keys that one can use during during different gaming situations. It has 4 selectable dpi setting 800/1200/1600/2400/3200 that one can use acoording to the need. It is designed ergonomically for Gamers and it is rubber coated that a gamer can use this mouse for long time without any difficulty. It has a braided cable and gold plated usb connector which will long last its cable length is of 1.8m which is also good.

You can buy this mouse for gaming and regular use.

  1. Enter Mouse E-100 GM (Rs.324)

Enter Gaming Mouse E-100 GM is one of the cheapest gaming mouse available it available for just Rs.324 and it has 3 Adjustable DPI setting 800/1200/1600 the mouse is small in size and is comfortable to fit in both hands.

  1. Marvo Scorpion Thunder M205 RD – Mouse (Rs. 474)

Marvo Scorpion Thunder is a comfortable mouse which is suitable for gaming and for normal work it has a optical sensor with  6 Buttons and 1600 DPI this mouse is also one of the best option to buy beginner gamers can try this mouse

Hope You like our List of “Top 10 Gaming Mouse To Buy Under Rs. 500” and Go through full list To find a suitable gaming mouse for you.

  1. Oxyura Optical  Mouse (Rs.449)

Oxyura Optical Mouse has an advanced optical sensor that allows high speed  movement and provides pinpoint accuracy almost on any surface. Oxyura Optical Gaming Mouse is Ergonomically designed for both hands that conforms to the shaoe of your hand and provides optimal support and comfort. Its optical scroll wheel provides you smooth scrolling or zooming in documents. This mouse is suitable for long use it is a combination of comfort and style you wont feel tired when using it for a long time. Oxyura Optical Gaming Mouse is one of the stylish and performance mouse and is available for a affordable price.

  1. Tag Gaming Mouse (Rs.499)

Another good choice is tag gaming mouse it is a optical gaming mouse with multi color changing and 3 control buttons. It has a 1600 DPI optical gaming sensor for precise cursor control. It has a lrngthy,tangle free and rust free mouse cable. This mouse is not only for gaming rather it can be use for editing works in excel, surfing the internet and for many standard purposes

  1. Marvo Scorpion Gold M310 Mouse (Rs.500)

Marvo Scorpion Gold M310 Gaming Mouse is a newly launched gaming mouse by Marvo and is available at a very low price it has 6 control buttons which provides different functions at different gaming situations . it has a optical sensor. This  mouse is suitable for heavy and long time gaming mouse has good accuracy and can be used for overall purposes.

  1. Dark Edge RM-200 (Rs. 500)

Dark Edge RM-200 is one of the fines mouses it has a true 2400DPI Pro-Gaming Sensor.its has aadjustable DPI Setting Feature : 800/1200/1600/2400 it has 6 Control Buttons and has a switch life of 8 Million cycle. It has a 1.6m usb braided cable and has a luxury design with cool lighting effects this mouse is specially designed for gamers and it is good for heavy gaming and can be used for standard purposes as well.

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